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Bitcoin Basic Course

Welcome to the Bitcoin Basic Course

In this course you’ll learn exactly what bitcoin is and maybe more importantly what it is not. You know there is alot of misconceptions and so we gonna start by talking about the bitcoin protocol and how that works. We also gonna dive in and really explain why bitcoin has value, why people trust it so much, why it’s gain so much popularity and used by user growth over the past several years.

We also gonna talk about some of the basics of actually how to buy and sell bitcoin, how to buy your first bitcoin, how you can sell it also where to store your Bitcoin and then how to actually profit with bitcoin and the new cryptocurrency economy so this is really exciting stuff, I’m glad you are here and let’s go head and dive in.

Here is the list of what you’ll be learning in this basic course:

  • What is Bitcoin?
  • How the Bitcoin protocol works
  • Why Bitcoin has value
  • How to buy and sell Bitcoin
  • Where to store your Bitcoin
  • How to profit with Bitcoin and the new cryptocurrency economy

Best way to master this course…

Go through each module and lesson step-by-step
Ask questions!
Be brave to take action!

Knowledge is helpful but action is what is gonna get you from A to Z.

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