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Avalon Miner 821 (A8)

The AvalonMiner 821 is the ROQ Solid Miner, Refined. The AvalonMiner 8xx is made with Reliable Open Quality, now with Airforming Cooling Technology.

Containing 104 x A3210 16 nm chips, AvalonMiner 821 is the latest Canaan AvalonMiner with a 11.0 Reliable Hashrate Per Second (RTHS).

By connecting our AvalonMiner Controller (sold separately) to a single AUC3 (AvalonMiner USB Convertor 3), you may connect five AvalonMiners. For maximum usage, you may connect the AvalonMiner Controller to 4 AUC3 devices which may each connect to 5 AvalonMiners for a total simultaneous management of twenty AvalonMiner 821 to reach 220 TH/s (RTHS).

If you manage a large installation of AvalonMiners, we can help you to deploy our openly developed AvalonMiner Management System which enables you to efficiently manage thousands of AvalonMiner machines.

Product contains: 1 X AvalonMiner 821, 1 X AvalonMiner USB Converter 3 (AUC3), 1 X AUC3 I2C 5PIN Cable, 1 X Micro-usb cable.


Hashrate11.0 TH/s (RTHS)
Power Consumption ≈ 1200W, +0% ~ +15% (with 93% PSU efficiency @ 25 C)
Power Efficiency0.109 Joules/GigaHash at the wall
Rated Voltage
Chips104 x A3210 16nm ASIC
FrequencySmart Speed
Hash Error Rate~2% on chip validation
PSU output pins NA
Network ConnectionThrough AUC3 + AUC3 I2c to AvalonMiner Controller
ControllerAvalonMiner Controller
AUC3Each AUC3 may daisy-chain connect up to 5 devices
Operating Temperature-5C-40C
Air-intake Temperature-5 °C to 40°C
CoolingAirform Cooling 1 rear fan 6000 RPM
Fan1 X 12038 PWN
Weight4.8 kg
Dimensions40 x 21 x 22 cm
DescriptionData Processing System
Hong Kong Harmonized Code84714100

Waiting for pre-orders to open. It’s under my expectations but these days it’s getting harder to find reliable miners.


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